• Eugene Eric Kim

    Eugene Eric Kim

    Collaboration Coach, Trainer, and Designer. @fasterthan20

  • Max Friedman

    Max Friedman

    In Japan, enjoying the quirks, inhaling the food.

  • Casey Engstrom

    Casey Engstrom

  • Gillian Julius

    Gillian Julius

  • Aren LeBrun

    Aren LeBrun

    progressive writer and digital strategist | twitter.com/proustmalone | the revolution will not be televised (stream now on hulu plus)

  • Travis Kriplean

    Travis Kriplean

    Creator of http://consider.it, a deliberation and opinion visualization tool for focused discussion. Faculty at the Invisible College. Phd from @uwcse.

  • Brooke Carere

    Brooke Carere

  • Gretchen Grebe

    Gretchen Grebe

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